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We welcome you to Second Presbyterian Church and pray that you will experience God’s love, mercy, and grace in this place and through this congregation.

We are an historic church, witnessing to Jesus Christ in this city for nearly 200 years. We also are a church seeking to speak to the needs of today’s world and wrestling with new and exciting ways to be God’s people.

We welcome and encourage questions about the Christian faith and life. We believe that the Bible is a living, authoritative document that shapes our lives. We interpret Scripture in context, using the intellect and skills God has given us. Worship is at the center of our life together, engaging both heart and mind, sending us out to witness to God’s love in the world. Because the Good News of Jesus Christ touches all aspects of human life, we make outreach to the wider community and the world a priority. We believe all we are and all we have is a gift from God and that we are responsible for the faithful use of those gifts for the sake of Jesus Christ.

If this approach to the Christian faith speaks to you, we invite you to explore Second Presbyterian Church further and invite you to share in its life and ministry.


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Passport to Peru

Dates: July 10-14

Enjoy God’s good world. Hike cloud-shrouded ruins of Machu Picchu. Savor exotic flavors of the Amazon. Hear what daily life is like from kids in Peru. We will learn together about God’s good gifts as we explore God’s beloved world from right here in Louisville.

From: 9am -12pm  | Ages 4 – 5th grade

From: 12pm – 3pm  |  Grades 4 and 5 only

With older kids, we will explore some local sites that will help us connect the global and local world through service. Peru is dealing with water issues: so are we! Peruvians care for their immigrants: so are we! Peruvians are concerned with those who have little money or support: so do we! God’s good gifts are everywhere!

Position available for Director of Children's Ministries

Please read more info below

Those interested in the position @ Second Presbyterian Church, 3701 Old Brownsboro Road, Louisville, KY 40207 should inquire by viewing the material below. All details regarding application instructions, requirements and submissions are also included in the below information.


The Director of Children’s Ministries enriches the Christian faith formation of 2nd Presbyterian’s children and families by resourcing educational programs and volunteers and calling the faith community to faithfully love and serve children and families

2nd Presbyterian Children’s Ministry Mission Statement, 2017

The Children’s Ministry of Second Presbyterian Church seeks to inspire children through the development of their faith and knowledge as they grow in love for God and the World.

Core Values

The core values of the children’s ministry reflect the environment the church strives to create for the children:

  • Joy: Providing playful and loving experiences that inspire children and families to grow in their faith
  • Faith: Developing an understanding of God’s love by teaching scripture and following the example Jesus set for us
  • A Place at the Table: Accepting unconditionally all children and families and appreciating their unique gifts and talents

Description and Responsibilities



The Director of Children’s Ministries ensures that relationships between children, families, and volunteers are nurtured, and rooted in joyful Christian discipleship.


  • The DCM knows the names and faces of children and parents within a year
  • The DCM welcomes all children and families to 2nd Pres events and ensures all first time visitors receive exceptional and timely follow up
  • The DCM visits all families within the first year and welcomes babies into the 2nd Presbyterian family
  • The DCM creates a communication plan, including digital, written, in person, and text, in consultation with parents and ensures that it runs smoothly
  • The DCM works closely with the Associate Pastor and Youth Director to develop a comprehensive Christian formation plan that spans from birth to death
  • The DCM enthusiastically supports and is present at children’s ministry events


Recruiting and Supervision:

The Director of Children’s Ministries coordinates and supervises all hands-on children’s volunteers, calling them to use their gifts and talents on behalf of children. In particular:


  • With the leadership of the Children’s Ministry Committee, recruits and trains all children’s ministry volunteers at least one month before their service is to begin
  • Provides consistent and creative leadership and encouragement to build long-term retention of volunteers. This includes spiritual and community support
  • Leads or provides at least two teacher training events yearly as well as ongoing support
  • Ensures all adults working with kids have gone through appropriate channels including background checks and have received safe church materials and are practicing them.
  • Supervises and grows all summer programming



The Director of Children’s Ministries oversees the day-to-day operations of the children’s ministry in close collaboration with the Children’s Ministry Committee. The Director will:


  • Grow the weekly programs of 2nd Pres’ children’s ministry (i.e. Sunday School and Sacred Space) in participation, enthusiasm, and spiritual depth
  • Design and share a yearly curriculum plan at least one month before programming begins. Distribute curriculum and other resources in a timely manner
  • Set a tone of joyful enthusiasm for all children’s programming and ensure all children’s programs have a winsomely Christian atmosphere
  • Lead the children’s ministry to meet or exceed 1, 3, and 5 year goals.
  • Coordinate with staff to communicate effectively and in a timely manner with parents and the church. (church newsletter, monthly children’s ministry e-mail, bulletin boards, bulletin, website, etc.)
  • Align children’s programming and special events with the mission statement, core values, and goals
  • Prepare and oversee the children’s ministry budget and maintain a balanced budget
  • Organize and publicize major events in the most effective way for parents/guardians and creates confidence in parents that their children are creatively and faithfully nurtured
  • Ensure control documents are in place and distributed in a timely fashion including a children’s directory, volunteer job descriptions, the children’s ministry calendar, event and trip registration forms, and leaders directory. This includes keeping compliance documents current including copyright licensing, background checks, etc.
  • Create event notebooks for major events and updates records when they are completed. Keeps attendance for weekly children’s ministry programs
  • Manage the 2nd Pres Nursery for infants and toddlers for Sundays and other church events


Minimum Experience: College degree with concentration in Education and/or Ministry, 3-5 years teaching or managing children’s programming and volunteers

Time Commitment: 40 hours per week

Special Talents, Skills Preferred: Strong Christian faith, administration, organization, delegation, ability to meet deadlines, relates to children and adults well

Resources and Training Provided: Ongoing continuing education opportunities and regular safe sanctuaries training.



Letter of interest and resume to:

Chair – DMM Search Committee Second Presbyterian Church 3701 Old Brownsboro Road Louisville, Kentucky 40207

Or by email to: Church Administrator

Scope and Purpose The Director of Music Ministries will develop and maintain a program of music, providing leadership to assure the quality of the church music program; to provide music at regular and special worship services; and to enhance the congregation’s knowledge and appreciation of music as well as the enjoyment of singing hymns and spiritual songs.  This is communicated through a ministry of music that introduces people to Jesus Christ, nurtures their faith, and builds up the body of Christ.
Qualifications 1. Demonstrates a faith in God and a commitment to Jesus Christ and His church. 2. A minimum of a Master’s Degree in music from an accredited university/college. 3. Demonstrable skills in leading/directing an adult choir in vocal repertoire from all periods of music. 4. The ability to select music that complements and enhances the worship experience, due to a solid understanding of the church year and reformed liturgical worship.   5. Trained and proficient in the classical tradition of sacred music but open to diverse and broader forms of sacred music. 6. Experience in developing music programs for all ages. 7. Relationship-building in nature, to work collaboratively as a team player with all staff members. 8. Ability as an organist a plus but not a prerequisite for consideration. 9. Intermediate keyboard proficiency needed for warm-ups, sectionals, etc. 10. Ability to demonstrate vocal technique and musicianship at high level.
Responsibilities 1. Supervises or conducts all adult choirs, ensembles, children’s or youth choirs and other music groups.  2. Recruits, hires and supervises section leaders for the Sanctuary Choir. 3. Recommends the hiring of musical assistants, such as directors for children or youth choirs, as needed to the Personnel Committee. 4. Recruits and trains volunteer choir members. 5. In consultation with pastors, selects hymns, anthems, and other music appropriate for each worship service. 6. Ensures the choir rehearsal room is properly maintained. 7. Attends Music Committee meetings, Worship Committee meetings and weekly staff meetings. 8. Ensures the development and direction of bell choirs and their participation in worship. 9. Supervises and supports Second Act in their outreach and their periodic participating in worship.  10. Encourages participation of children and youth in the music program. 11. Participates in and collaborates with the large music community. 12. In consultation with the Organist, helps to ensure the music instruments are tuned and in good repair.

Administration 1. Prepares the music budget and oversees the music expenditures. 2. Oversees the music personnel budget and payroll. 3. Prepares articles for the church newsletter. 4. Oversees development and updating of music portion of the website. 5. Oversees publicity about community concerts to the larger community. 6. Oversees the music library. 7. Oversees the purchase of music supplies.
Work Schedule Flexible work schedule as established in cooperation with the Senior Pastor/Head of Staff that includes Sunday mornings and evenings, regular weekday evenings, weekends and occasional attendance at conferences in order to meet the needs of the congregation.
Accountability The position of Director of Music Ministries reports directly to the Pastor/Head of Staff and is fully accountable to the Session for performance and conduct under the aegis of the Personnel Committee.
Letter of interest and resume to: Chair – DMM Search Committee Second Presbyterian Church 3701 Old Brownsboro Road Louisville, Kentucky 40207
Or by email to: Church Administrator