Are you looking for a way to deepen you faith and make new friends? Second Pres has several opportunities for adults to learn and grow in faith.


Personal Growth in Faith for Adults


While children are attending Sunday School at 9:30, there are multiple choices for adults throughout the year. Some classes take a summer hiatus, but there is always an educational opportunity available for adults. Our Sunday morning classes include:

The “Biblical Studies” class is a long-standing offering of the adult education program, dealing with information from historical critical scholarship related to the Bible. The class is of interest to anyone who wants to understand the Bible more thoroughly in terms of its long history. General topics such as Christology or the historical Jesus find the class jumping around in the Bible to discover passages related to the topic as examples. No prior Biblical knowledge is necessary, simply a curiosity for historical details related to the Bible and Christian origins. The class meets in Room 252, adjacent to the church Parlor.

Contact Acton Ostling for more info:

“Reading the Bible” doesn’t require knowledge of Greek or Hebrew. But understanding what a Biblical phrase or verse means in today’s language calls for knowledge of its historical setting and what it meant when it was written in another language, with concern for its theological meaning today. The class explores all that with the help of Dr. Marty Soards, Professor of New Testament Studies at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, who has studied and written widely about the various translations of the books of the New Testament from their original form. The class meets in the Chapel.

For more info, contact: Dot Ridings,

Each week, members of the “Great Courses” class watch a 30-minute video lecture and share thoughts, impressions and questions. There are no “experts” – just people learning together using both the lectures and each other. Scotty and Linda McArthur are class coordinators and class leadership is shared.

Contact Linda McArthur for more info:

Members of the “Pathways” class are diverse in background and age, fun-loving, willing to discuss almost any topic and have no trouble entertaining different views and agreeing to disagree amicably! The class meets in Fellowship Hall A.

Class coordinator is Elizabeth Clay. Contact her at

Parenting, Partnering, and being Present through the middle years. It will form a foundation to understand where our teens and young adults are with direct applications to being faithful, effective parents now. – Fellowship Hall B

The class is for parents of children from birth through the early teens. While titled “Second Sunday”, the class meets on both the second and fourth Sundays of each month. Lee and Vic Baltzell are class facilitators, with leadership shared among class members. Sharing of experiences and ideas with each other is what makes the class work. Curriculum deals with issues facing young parents trying to raise faith-based youngsters in this tumultuous and ever-changing world. The goal is to help each other find ways to make God the center of our family lives. The class meets in Room 251, adjacent to the church library.

For more info, contact Lee Baltzell,


Opportunities abound to give your faith a boost between Sundays. Not all programs meet year-round. For more information, contact the church office.

A Thursday morning Bible study that meets September through November and January through March. Pastor Steve Jester speaks from 9:45-10:45.  The format is lecture-based, but questions and discussion are encouraged. Each week’s study is independent of the others so you are welcome to participate as your schedule allows. All are welcome – women and men, novices to Bible study as well as veterans, members of the church along with friends and neighbors. The lecture will begin promptly at 9:45 a.m. each week in Fellowship Hall A. Small group discussion will follow at 10:45 a.m. for those who choose to participate.Second Pres membership is not required.

Early Friday mornings (7 a.m.), men spend time together in study and fellowship. Open to all; coffee and pastries are a staple.

A small group of women meet each Tuesday September-April from 1-2:30pm at the church.  If you are interested in a small group Bible study with outside reading (homework) we would love to have you join us. This class is lead by Elizabeth Clay.