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Adult Education

The Adult Education committee is established by the Session to design, implement, oversee and evaluate all programs and activities that relate to Adult Christian Education. The committee supervises curriculum. The committee develops and coordinates other adult educational opportunities during the week.

Children's Ministry

  • Patty Ogden

The Children’s Ministry committee is established by the Session to design, implement, oversee and evaluate all programs and activities that relate to children of the Church ages 0-5th grade.

Children are a cherished part of our faith community at 2nd Presbyterian. They are welcomed in worship snuggled in with their families, encouraged and taught in Sunday morning education, celebrate rites of passage like baptism, and are thoughtfully considered in church family events.


The Communications Committee exists to see that the flow of information pertaining to the life of Second Presbyterian Church effectively reaches every member of the congregation and is available in the community in order to inform and prepare individuals to respond faithfully to Christ’s call to service.

Congregational Care

The Congregational Care Committee leads the congregation in its ministry of care and compassion in the name of Jesus Christ. The committee shall identify congregational needs within the church and design and implement an appropriate response.


The Evangelism Committee strives to actively participate in seeking disciples for the kingdom of God by encouraging each member to be alert in the Spirit, to be gentle on the outreach to all around them, to encourage others in their walk with our living God, and to invite them to be part of the Church family and home.


The Fellowship Committee strengthens the bonds of fellowship that connect the church as the family of God. The committee shall plan, promote, implement and coordinate the social and recreational activities of the congregation in order to promote a spirit of Christian fellowship.


The Finance Committee works on behalf of the Session to see that the Church is a faithful steward of its financial resources to the glory of God. The Finance Committee shall assist the Session and the Church to comply with the Book of Order and with other constitutional and legal requirements concerning finances.


The purpose of the Mission Committee is to lead the church in using effectively its human and financial resources to the glory of God by contributing to the nurture, support and encouragement of God’s children who are in need – in our community, our nation and our world.


This committee has review, advisory and recommendation authority for all personnel matters including, but not limited to, periodic study of the policies and procedures regarding staff morale and working conditions, review of the terms of employment of all staff members , and to establish, maintain and monitor compliance with the Employee Handbook and the Personnel Policies of the church.


The purpose of the Property Committee is to evaluate the building and grounds on a regular basis and perform all repairs and alterations as deemed necessary. The committee maintains the interior and exterior finishes of the building, including the grounds and gardens.


The Stewardship Committee strives to educate the congregation about living a life of gratitude in time, talents and treasure and to inspire them to respond generously in giving their gifts to God.


The Worship Committee is established by the Session to staff and supervise the congregation’s worship ministries, as they relate to individual, household and congregation worship practices as authorized by the Session. The Worship Committee supervises these subcommittees: Communion, Flower, Music and Ushering.

Youth & Young Adults

This committee brings Youth together and Young Adults together through a balance of fellowship activities in a nurturing, trusting Christian community to foster spiritual growth.