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Second Pres holds two Sunday worship services during most of the year, at 8:30 a.m. and 10:50 a.m. Each service follows the same liturgy, with the 10:50 service in a more formal setting. During the summer months, one Sunday service is held at 10:00 a.m. Special worship and prayer services are offered throughout the year, especially in designated Christian worship seasons. Location of these services, held on various days of the week, is dependent on the anticipated size of the congregation, the inclusion of special musical offerings and other factors.

We welcome and encourage questions about the Christian faith and life. We believe that the Bible is a living, authoritative document that shapes our lives as disciples. We interpret the Scripture in context, using the intellect and skills God has given us. Worship is at the center of our life together, engaging both heart and mind, sending us out to witness to God’s love in the world. Because the Good News of Jesus Christ touches all aspects of human life, we make outreach to the wider community a priority. We believe all we are and all we have is a gift from God and that we are responsible for the faithful use of those gifts for the sake of Jesus Christ.

If this approach to the Christian faith speaks to you, we invite you to explore Second Presbyterian Church further and invite you to share in its life and ministry.


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8:30am - 9:30am (Located in the Chapel)


The Chapel is home for the 8:30 service most weeks. The smaller congregation that attends this service includes all ages. An organ and an octet provide choral music and there often are small orchestral offerings. On occasion, the 8:30 service is held in the larger Sanctuary, to provide the necessary space for larger orchestral presentations and the church’s own hand-bells musicians.


10:50am - 12:00pm (Located in the Sanctuary)

*SUMMER HOURS (May 28 - Aug 20): 10:00am - 11:00am

The Sanctuary is where the 10:50 services and combined 10 a.m. summer services are held. Children from ages 3 to kindergarten age are welcome to this service, which includes a special “time for children” after which the youngsters are excused from the service to attend Sacred Space, a special program in a location near the Sanctuary that lasts until the end of the worship service. A full church choir and organ provide choral offerings each week and often are accompanied by orchestral musicians.


More chances to learn about the Lord


9:30am - 10:30am (Located in the Chapel)


Nursery Room 117
 3 yr olds Kindergarten — Room 149
 1st – 3rd Grade Room 151
 4th & 5th Grade Room 142
 6th & 7th Grade Room 171
 8th Grade Room 166
 9th – 12th Grade Room 168
 Confirmation Parents Room 170
 Pathways Fellowship Hall A
Biblical Studies Room 252
The Launching Years Fellowship Hall B
Reading the Bible Today Chapel
The Great Courses Room 216
2nd Sunday Room 251


To Pray as Jesus Did is a ten-week series beginning Sunday, June 11 and ending August 13. Class time is 9 to 9:40a in Fellowship Hall. The disciples asked Jesus to teach them one thing. How to Pray. What can we learn about ways to develop our own prayer life by observing Jesus as He prayed? These ten studies explore the prayer life of Jesus as presented in the Gospels and are intended to offer practical guidance to Christians seeking a faithful life of prayer. Each session is forty minutes in length, and will be facilitated by Dianne Reistroffer.

June 11 – Believing in the Power of Prayer

June 18 – Praying does not equal passivity

June 25 – Praying alone

July 2 – Praying in community

July 9 – Praying before meals

July 16 – Praying with gratitude

July 23 – Praying through song

July 30 – Praying before making decisions

August 6 – Praying for others

August 13 – Jesus continues to pray for us